Science has brought us into the age of 'Personalised Medicine'

Science has brought us into the age of 'Personalised Medicine' and Genostics is pioneering the provision of advances in Molecular Medicine to clinical practice, thus assisting health practitioners in optimising treatment outcomes and patient care.

The GENOSTICS Testing Services use the most advanced molecular medicine techniques to:

  • Provide a Circulating Tumour Cell (CTC) 'count' to follow up and monitor the effectiveness of a person's treatment

  • Analyse an individual person's cancer cell response to chemotherapeutic agents and selected botanicals via in-vitro chemosensitivity testing

  • Identify tumour biomarkers present, giving the practitioner valuable information about the presence of specific targets for individualised treatment, and about the genetics of an individual person's cancer.

CTC Testing

Until recently, it has been impossible to predict precisely how two people with the same type of cancer will respond to treatment. Through the analysis of Circulating Tumour Cells (CTCs) in a simple blood test, it is now possible to provide health practitioners with information to help overcome this challenge.

Genostics tests can only be requested by health practitioners. Please discuss your eligibility for a test with your treating practitioner or contact our office for more information.

Education for practitioners

The analysis we offer is new and multi-faceted. Genostics Australia is committed to providing information and ongoing education to our clients to ensure that our medical community is empowered to provide their patients with the best therapeutic strategies available.

Genostics supports and work alongside healthcare practitioners to enable them to achieve optimal patient outcomes. We provide ongoing educational support and access to research literature and peer discussion groups via webinars, workshops, seminars, conferences, industry events and Skype calls.

Medical Expert Consultation:

Our expert consultants have many years of experience in cancer diagnosis and treatment design based on CTC testing and analysis. Health practitioners may require a consultation with a Medical Expert to discuss analysis of the test results and the healthcare practitioner's treatment plans. Additional charges may apply for this service – please contact us for further information, costs, and to arrange a consultation between us and the healthcare practitioner.

Genostic tests are not diagnostic tests, but can be used in addition to standard protocols as a tool for understanding the individual nature of a person’s cancer. They can be used to as a tool in the determination of prognostic factors and to monitor the effectiveness of treatment. These tests do not replace current screening, testing or clinical practice protocols.