Patient Information

The Maintrac® CTC Count Test

Escapee cancer cells in the blood, or ‘CTCsas they are known, can be found by a simple blood test. A CTC Count test finds existing escapee cancer cells (CTCs) in a blood sample and counts them.

Monitoring changes in cancer activity over time is made easy with this test

A CTC Count every 3-6 months is the best way to:

  • Monitor the effectiveness of cancer treatment
  • Assess changes in cancer aggressiveness
  • Determine risk of cancer spread, recurrence or relapse

A CTC Count is the basline test for all other Genostics® tests.

Maintrac® is a state-of-the-art German technology that detects, characterises and tests CTCs. It has been critically validated and published in peer reviewed journals for over 12 years. Maintrac® CTC tests are acknowledged and utilised by many universities, Oncologists and cancer clinics worldwide.