Maintrac® Customised Chemosensitivity Testing

The Customised Chemosensitivity test analyses how a patient's Circulating Tumour Cells respond when exposed to chemotherapies and/or botanicals. Due to their genetic instability, CTCs are a heterogenous population of cancer cells, and their characteristics may be distinctly different from the biology and behaviour of the primary cancer. CTCs that are resistant to treatment may be responsible for metastasis. This test isolates CTCs and identifies their chemosensitive and chemoresistant profile through cytological chemosensitivity assays. The testing is done on live cells. Substances chosen by the requesting practitioner can be tested individually or in combination to determine synergistic effect. The best way to monitor cancer activity and long-term effectiveness of treatment is via a single CTC Count test every 3-6 months. Patient information hand-outs for your clinic are available upon request by phoning 1300 292 482.

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