The Genostics Testing Service

Genostics tests:

  • Provide a Circulating Tumour Cell (CTC) 'count' to follow up and monitor the effectiveness of a person's treatment
  • Analyse an individual person's cancer cell response to chemotherapeutic agents and selected botanicals via in-vitro chemosensitivity testing
  • Identify tumour biomarkers present, giving the practitioner valuable information about the genetics of an individual persons cancer

Our partner laboratories:

Our partner laboratories in Europe use the most advanced molecular medicine techniques to bring the future of personalised medicine to you, today.

To order a test, the test must first be authorised by a certified, registered health practitioner and associated medical history information provided.

Practitioner-only request:

Only certified, registered health practitioners can order this test. Please discuss your eligibility for a test with your treating practitioner or contact your local distributor for more information. These tests are not diagnostic tests, but can be used in addition to standard protocols as a tool for understanding the individual nature of a person’s cancer. These tests do not replace current screening, testing or clinical practice protocols.